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News about current work and possible themes

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First, I got a an old Dreamwidth blog which I'll use for the following :

- Photos of my Sims, houses, etc. I took very nice (sexy) ones this week, but I want them now to be more artistic than simple Bodyshop standard posing. So I'm playing with my image programme, PhotoFiltre Studio X.

- All that isn't Europe or Gipsy themed, as at travel-simmer DW. But at lizcrea-sims2 I would also start themes, maybe a celebrity theme. I need to make much nicer photos.
I'm no longer such an addict to create celebrity Sims, because not many from dtoday inspire me. I'm more into the past for famous people of the 50's, 60's, 70's.
Today I still create more + 18 famous Sims, even gay guys. But I don't show them off anymore with photos.

- Some previews of my old CC, also for a revamp theme (revamp for Russians : consists of re-using old CC like clothes, even Sims to improve them with other meshes, make-up, hair, skintone etc.)
For all this I won't share my + 18 Sims 2 on a public site, even not DW.

My old creations, are also some object recolours once shared at forums now closed. Perhaps I'll make bundles for them before sharing at SFS as archived creations by me.

- Anyway, I do still "revamp" but the only thing I always shared is revamped clothes and Sims which older versions are from dead sites or peope who left the Sims 2 community for good like Vera Marina (for her Sims).
So there will be a revamp section at I just need to find a nice name for the Theme...


For the moment I'm busy with the translation in French of tutorials by Ocelotekatl (

I hope to update my blogs as soon as I can and will back up some blog posts at my own small forum (, for safety and to archive.

I don't know if the Celebrity Theme would be that "attractive" today. But I started other themes at Dreamwidth : Gothic, Revamps (of closed sites clothes) and two only for adults themes for my + 18 lizcrea Dreamwidth (not mentioned here at sim1angeles).

I also started a + 18 "story" in French with many photos for which I precisely use Oceloekatl's + 18 poseboxes. And I do test his poseboxes at the same time.
For updates of all "Only for adults" I mostly post at Insimadult forum which is not visible for guests.

Вы здесь » Sim Angeles » Gift Boutique » News about current work and possible themes