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Gipsy and Traditional Europe theme project + Travel-Simmer new blog

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Hello dear ones at sims1angeles :)

I'm happy to announce that with a few Simmers (only Sims 2) we will participate for the Theme Gipsy and Traditional Europe :

- creation of meshes and/or retexture of objects, anything Bodyshop, as closely as possible to the theme.

Please know that myself I don't create meshes. I retexture in all categories of Bodyshop, Buy and Build mode (except rooves) and create wallpapers/wall murals.

Also for communication, I'm French, very fluent in English and basic essential German (I don't write it much, I rarely speak it when I'm not obliged to, but I understand all in German). This also matters to be known to avoid misunderstandings.

For the Theme itself, I wrote a document which is available for anyone interested :

It explains all that is necessary for the Theme Sims 2 creation project. There is no expiry date for anything. Take your time, there is no pressure.

Included : Traditional Europe

I think that everything Europe (as continent, not the European Union) is rather overlooked inside the Simmers community. It's a pity, because from West to East, from North to South, there is quite a lot of inspiration to get from. First for occasions like some festivities : Sankta Lucia (Scandinavia), the Munich Bier Fest (Bavaria, Germany), the Carnival of Nice (France), Natural Parks-Animals Parks, some "alternative" places like Christiania (Copenhagen, Denmark). I also think of Switzerland (especially the German cantons) and Austria (I remember and very beautiful abbey there in Melk).

To my deepest regret, some European countries are totally forgotten : Eastern Europe countries, Balkan countries. Myself try and collect more documentation and furniture/deco, clothes images aobut this large part of Europe. I wish to contribute to this other theme, as occcidental European,with my "virgin eyes".

Also, as French from Strasbourg (near Germany) I notice that my region Alsace is forgotten. Some years ago, at BlackPearlSims, I was the first to provide and Alsatian furniture set, which I think need to be updated a little bit.

I created a blog at Dreamwidth

In order to not ovewhelm forums with every thought of mine, ressource photos, etc. I will post there, everything that can be of good help, for better knowledge of the Gipsy community "history", also help non Europeans about anything "Europe" (this was asked to me in a private message somewhere else).

Know that personally I won't use the time travel machine, mentally, to take you back to the Medieval era and each historical era, because it isn't the purpose either of the theme project. There's enough good CC for all Medieval and historical, all over Internet.

Thank you very much for your attention. If you have comments, questions, use this thread to post.


Lithia15, dear, many thanks to you for starting this awesome project!
Your research is indeed huge and helpful, it's an endless source of inspiration for me personally.

As for the project I plan to focus on contemporary gipsy fashion with some boho and ethnic elements, both clothes and accessories. If you don't mind.  ^^
I'm very interested in Balkan theme, too. I'll try to find some info about it, clothes and traditional home decoration (pillows, blankets, deco objects, furniture). If these objects are not too complicated I can try and make new meshes.

And I'm also available in case of questions, translations, etc. So feel free to PM.

Lithia15, thank you once again! And good luck!  :flag:


Hello Anactacia :) Yesterday at thesimmersgarden forum (where you are a member too) I got a PM from CindaLove about Europe she doesn't know much about. I'm not an expert, because at school we didn't learn much in Geography and History, excetpt France, Gemany, England and a bit USSR (it was int the 70's for me) ad even more a tiny bit about China.

So even for myself as a reminder I've redone a Europe map to indicate where Balkan countris are, what is said Eastern Euorpe and I must say it's complicated LOL. So this map can be useful and I know a little more about Scandinavia, as I learned Danish and Swedish after highschool. Map of Europe (the continent) :

Balkan countries are south of the Danube River, if I got all well. Sometimes it includes Romania which had a very complicated history since the Roman Empire and during the Ottoman Empire. Romania was often coveted for their natural resources (which are surprisingly more than one can imagine - gold mines... still today but not accessible anymore). Very often Central Europe and Eastern Europe aren't clearly defined. More generally it's how I coloured it on the map.

In regard to the "migration" of Gipsies, according to the map of Russia with better details on surrounding countries : it seems obvious for me that they can first from Ancient Persia (today Iran-Irak), seeking freedom but trapped during the Ottoman Empire, maybe in what is now Turkey.

Maps on Gipsies' "migrations" (or let's more say diaspora) are often controversial with this insistant and obsessive allegation about their Indian origins which doesn't hold water (according to me). Even Gipsies I know in my town don't agree anymore with this Indian origins detail. The allegation comes more from the Theosophical movement which later had a huge influence on New Age.

Go for what you feel like modern Boho. Just know that the Boho fashion comes from the Theosophical movement era (more than from Gipsies themselves) and it inspired hugely the Belle Epoque era in Europe (starting by the end of the 19th century), when spiritism was also very trendy among artists and all those European "Boho people". It's very interesting to study and know about.


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