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Christine the story-teller (after an actual friend of mine)

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Here is an exclusive gift : Christine, who is a story-teller in my town. She'd be over 60 years old today.

She always had a hippie style until today, also with big necklaces and other boho jewelry. Therefore she's quite interesting for my inspiration.

I retextured the jewels, the hair and the dress.

I hope you'll like Christine as much as I do.

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Simply wonderful!
Christine is so gypsy. I can't image her to be anyone else. The dress and the accessories are also marvelous!
Thank you for your work and for sharing!


Christine certainly has Gipsy blood. Story-telling in front of a small audience, this has been a Gipsy tradition already before our common era. It's more common than fortune-telling, in fact. The Tarot cards only seem to have been Gipsies' own way to keep in touch with Divine Laws, as for many centuries they could not read or write, or had no access to books. They memorise very quickly and easily from what they hear and see, and they keep in much (not chatting much about what they've heard or seen). Keeping in (not speaking much) is a very Gnostic habit.


You make me feel ashamed. There's so much interesting things and facts I have no idea about!  :D
Thanks for educating!
There could be a wonderful sims-story based on your images... If only I had more time...

Вы здесь » Sim Angeles » Gift Boutique » Christine the story-teller (after an actual friend of mine)