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Gipsy Theme : accessories, clothes, Bodyshop sets

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This is now the other Gipsy Theme thread with all that is clothes, accessories, sets as separate items, apart from Gipsy Sims.

In advance, sorry for the Bodyshop pics, sometimes I had no time to review, put a nicer background in Bodyshop. For ingame preview pics it'd take me too much time with poseboxes.


First, a Gipsy ethnic necklace and earrings set on a mesh by Lianasims

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Now here is a Gipsy old fashioned dress with and without shawl.

Meshes :



Enjoy !

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These are simply awesome!
The colours, the fabric - yummy! And the accessories are wonderful, just the right thing to complete the image.


Thank you for the encouraging comment, dear :)

Here is now a Gipsy set with long sleeve tops, push up (Bloom) and Maxis shape versions. Plus a skirt on meshes by Julie J, with boots, flats and sexy feet. The skirt is after a beautiful
volante dress by Cerebella.

The top comes in two textures : blue floral and white (not pictured here)

The entire outfit is from a Roma girl picture found on Internet.

Meshes :

MESH-JulieJ-AFCerebellaSkirt2-ElexisBoots ; MESH-JulieJ-AFCerebellaGypsySkirt2-AmaryllFlats ; MESH-JulieJ-CerebellaGypsySkirt-BottomMesh2

If you like you may grab - don't be afraid about the folder name I had to organise the Gipsy Theme on an external disk for myself :

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Отредактировано Lithia15 (2018-02-21 15:26:57)


Thank you for the new creations!  :cool:
The bump texture looks fantastic!
And I also like the different variants of the same outfit, it's very useful.


Thank you :) I'm also proud of the result. I only regret that on Julie's bottom skirt meshes, some volante parts aren't visible, even when textured. But it's the mesh itself and it can't be improved better.

I will re-edit this post for another skirt set, with another mesh by Julie, also a skirt after another Cerebella dress.

7 very nice!


I'm back :) I have to apologise for some delays in posting. Apart from priorities in daily life, I'm also re-sorting my downloads and now updating my own Sims. Thank you for your patience.

Here is another dress after an iplehouse doll picture. It's on a mesh from Blacky's Sims zoo forum (I think) MESH-MV-AlphaGown5-Jan09

You may download it here :

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Отредактировано Lithia15 (2018-04-18 13:53:42)


Glad to see you!  :flag:
Did you start re-sorting downloads again? Oh, it's such a depressing thing to do!  :tired: Hope you'll finish this work quickly.

As for the new outfit it's awesome!  :shine:
I like the colours and the prints you make. Simply PERFECT!
Thanks a lot for sharing!


Ha-ha ! I know it's crazy, but I'm reorganising my Bodyshop things, trying to remove some skintones and eyes that aren't to my taste at all. Plus I got also bad quality hair retextures from 2007-2009 and a big bunch of several Pooklet retextures sets. All this for the hair textures takes a lot of place on my external disk.

It's been over a year now that I'm also trying to remove a broom supposedly by Birgit43. Which broom, when installed, causes my Deco objects catalogue ingame to disappear completely and be like unavailable. I put that broom on a residential lot I created and furnished, but I also have to find it in my Buy folders to remove it totally. The thing is that I don't know the name of that broom. It's irritating. So I guess I'll have to check my entire Buy Objects things in Deco via DDO. I have no other choice. It will also take me some time to check this very detail.

Here, either I'll edit my post to add things, or let somebody reply.


I love the gypsy theme. In a way it reminds me of the 60s and 70s'


Mary Young, I will complete and improve my Hippie Boho theme. I have new ideas for it.

Historically the Gipsy "fashion" as we know it in Europe is from the Middle Ages. During the "theosophy" Victorian Era in the 19th century, the Gipsy style was of great inspiration, along with attraction for Hinduistic spirituality, and the exaggerated idealisation of the Hinduist castes system (which is no ideal at all). Then many people wanted to believe that Gipsies themselves came from India, which is only half true. Some of them have far away origins from Persia and Gipsies still today share more in common spiritually and in some community/household habits with their cousins the Jews (and formerly Hebrews - Gipsies are mostly monotheists).

Here is now a pack of three sets for today. I hope you will like them.

Crushed velvet top and "patchwork" Gipsy skirt - Mesh by Alisa

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Pink top and Gipsy skirt on boots - Meshes by Tantra and Mila

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Gipsy velvet vest and skirt - Meshes by Rose and Myos (accessories) ; and xSayuri (top) and Julie J (skirt)

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Firstly thank you for your stunning creations!
I know how much time and effort it needs to make such detailed outfits and accessories that complete the image. And I do appreciate your work.

I'm greatly surprised to know all this historical background! It needs a real reseach to be done before creating. And all the creations are not only detailed but historically accurate.


Thank you dear friend. For the Gipsies' history, it interests me, because it's been about two years that I know of my Sinti (German Gipsy) origins. On my mother's side, my grand-grand-mother and her sisters and brothers were raised by an aristocratic Dutch family*, assimilated as baptised as Protestants. My grand-mother never used the familiar "you" to speak to her own mother and father, only the formal "you" (vous), as in all aristocra families. My mom kept this habit to speak to her grand-aunt and far away relatives, using "vous" only. (* Gipsies being adopted, this often happened in the past, and still happens)

My grand-mother was very familiar with a few Gipsy household habits, notably for washing bed sheets and drying them separately from all the rest of the laundry. She also rarely took industrial medics, she knew the specificities of some plants. She was the queen of the house for the household, doing all by herself, without any exterior help. She was extremely tidy, meticulous and also an excellent accountant for the small family business she had with my grand-father (hardware and household ware store), they had very faithful clients of the Jewish community and sometimes got second hand stuff to sell from local Gipsies. They had to stay very discrete during second world war and the nazi period. My grand-father had hidden two Jews from Poland and a catholic priest in the family house basement and he is a Just therefore. Until his death he never spent a single day of his life in Germany. Neither did my grand-mother ever.

My mom and I lived in the 70's very close to a Gipsy camp, the good old days when they still had trailers (but in very hard poor conditions). Gipsies often know about other Gipsies from their family names, so they can tell who got Gipsy origins or not. My own father also got Sinti origins, alike my grand-mother. So, yes ! I'm 100 % Sinti and proud of it. My husband and me still live near that Gipsy camp (now renovated, so to say "residential" for them LOL, with small houses with all equipment, a small garage, but never getting rid of their trailer, in case... Gipsies are always ready to move in hard times) We meet a few sometimes in the supermarket, rarely chat but always greet each other.


Oh, it's great! You know so much about your family! I know it sounds crazy but your story is so romantic. All these traditions are amazing! And what is even more amazing is that people still remember them and keep on.
My father was interested in making our family tree years ago when he was young. As far as I know he found some information in the local archives concerning his grand-grand-father who was a merchant in Saint Petersburg. But that's all my father managed to find. Probably most of the documents were lost somehow or he simply was not so determined and got tired.


Sorry dear for the late reply. In fact I don't get E-mail notifications anymore and don't know how to turn it on again on my profile settings.

Personally I'd have a dream (if I could) : participate very actively in helping the travel people community in European Slavic countries to regain their somewhat independence for their activities, getting involved in ecological agriculture, crafts work to sell, etc. My husband is currently training sciences students and thinks that a majority of them from Hungary and Romania have a great level. I'd like also so much to help people in those countries to have easy access to E-schooling (via Internet) at a low cost for them, if they're of the Gipsy community. I often talk about this with my husband and insist for him to not forget Hungarians, Romanians, all Slavic people and the Gipsies. I'm not an eductator or a teacher but I have many good ideas. I'd like to hear more of Gipsy people involved in professional activities for restoring houses (exterior painting, inside decoration, furnishing, in a traditional style) and wanting to make their culture in some fields better known. Because they have talent and the strong will to progress.

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