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Lithia's gifts for sim1angeles

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Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts for sim1angeles, with the hope of being also helpful. I'm French and only can communicate with you in English here.

Hippie dress (full body lace and accessory skirt)

Tulip dress, it comes in purple, pink, beige, brown

Corset dress after an outfit from V couture

Meshes used

Rosesims : mesh_madeby_rose_clothes0086,

Mila : meshByMila_ACC_skirtMaxi_06072015 and meshByMila_AF_20062014_2226

Julie J : MESH-JulieJ-Lizzy-Simenapule-LongDressGSEPumps (with permission from Julie J)

Download link :

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Lithia, WOW! These are really awesome!

But firstly I would like to welcome you at the SA forum and congratulate on openning the topic!

And many-many thanks for sharing such beautiful outfits with us! They are wonderful, so delicate and colorful. I'm in love.


Lithia15, it's amazing! Thank you for this beauty!


I like! All the outfits are very cool. But I fell in love with the first, white! Very beautiful, gentle! I download everything, I'm waiting for more, thanks


Woow, I love it! Can't never get enough of gypsy and boho outfits, so I'll wait for more
Welcome to our forum We're glad you joined us with your beautiful work!


Congratulations on the opening theme!Wonderful clothing! Thank you!

Sorry for my English)) all the claims against Googl


Thank you all so much. I will gladly share more. I also like very much what is boho, Gipsy and similar styles.

Since yesterday, I am getting fazmiliar again with Russian, which I leanred a bit when I was aout 20 years old, but how I regret that I abandoned Russian lesseons at the university. It could have helped me a lot, here. Howver I still know a few words in Russian. "I work" in Russian is what I remember best, I can still even tell this phrase in Russian.



Lizzy, you can count on us while learning Russian.
Feel absolutely free to PM me at any time.


Welcome to SA!
First dress is amazing, I love it. :cool:




Thank you


Bonsoir, vêtements supers merc


WOW! Thank you!


Thank you for the recent comments. I wasn't much online anywhere lately.

Whenever I find the time, I'll post something for my huge Gipsy theme, here : female clothes, accesories, mainly. It's "soon to come", in another thread in this Gifts area.


Thank you!


You're welcome. I just opened the Gipsy Theme first thread with Maria the Gipsy woman female Sim. Have a look and enjoy ! More to come for the Gipsy Theme : Sims in the same new topic. Clothes and accessories in another new thread for more clarity.

Отредактировано Lithia15 (2018-02-19 14:37:31)


Lithia, I am thrilled to see more of your custom content, such detailed gowns. I have some of your old downloads from Plumbbob Keep. I'm very happy to see that you are still creating for The Sims 2.


Hello Brenda and thank you for your nice comment.

Sorry for the late reply and my long absence but real life priorities keep my family and me busy (after having created a small company for Web-design and science E-learning - more exactly my husband and daughter did, but it's also important for me).

At PBK I shared some Indian clothes, a few Gipsy ones. I'll have to update some of them because some textures aren't super great. Then I'll share them again later.

I'm in touch with Maya40 (vmaria) otherwise than at PBK where I am no longer.

I'd invite you to learn more of my Gipsy projects at my Dreamwidth but I share the most recent Gipsy sets here at sim1angeles.

Other than this I'm thinking of a Fairy Tale Sims set project, Maya40 inspired me with her superb crowns. I got an interesting beautiful blue gown by dgandy (Glinda Dress) maybe from the isleofcatharina forum and it'd be good for something like a Sleeping beauty or any princess.

Stay in touch if you wish to.

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